Sunday, December 28, 2014

Skirts for Ms. 2.75

Last year I bought my daughter 2 3-packs of these really neat cottony tights from Costco. I got her Old Navy denim and courduroy skirts to go with.  

This year she's actually excited about wearing the tights but isn't excited about the skirts - they're starting to get a little snug in the waist. I also made her a very simple skirt to wear with her Ukrainian top. She wore that to see St Nicholas on the 20th and she loved it. Eureka.

So I pulled out an old pattern I had made for my neice and got some fabric at Joann's with a coupon (red tagged on sale for 50% off and still $3.50 a yard!). 5/8yd for each. 

To give us a little more time I looked for button elastic but that was like $3 for less than a yard. I ended up putting snaps on the elastic and turning up the skirt another 1.75" from the nominal point. 

Should be able to wear these for a while. She seems to like them.  Ignore ugly table cloth it was cheap. 

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