Friday, May 26, 2017

Christmas (2016) Bed Caddy

What do you get old dudes that have everything?
It's a bed caddy. You put the shelf liner part under the mattress and that holds it, and then the front are magazine pockets and smaller pockets. It was made with 2 fat quarters for the red and zebra (fabrics picked by the children). The back was white poplin I had sitting around. It's quilted and the batting is just white fleece I got on remnants and I had sitting around. The binding was a skirt I made years ago ripped apart.

I fused the pocket fabric to more of the liner fabric so hopefully it will be more durable.

This is my father in law's. My dad's had a special flashlight holder which was a fabric covered elastic loop.

So how did they go over? Horribly. My dad said he didn't need it and maybe I should just take it back with me. My father in law didn't get it at all.

I thought it was cool.

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