Saturday, July 22, 2017

Knit blouse for me

This is a Simplicity 1916 pattern.
I'm so spoiled by making stuff for the children that pretty much I can make the size on the package and it fits perfectly well.  for me, it's much different. even though it should be my size it required lots of changes.

I need to edit this to come back and add all the links but I saw a bunch of pattern reviews and made those changes first. First I added more than an inch to the overlapping sides on the top for more modesty. Next I lengthened the top almost an inch and a half based on other suggestions.

I did a simple full bust adjustment and that didn't take into account lengthening so I lengthen the top a little too - about half an inch. Then I did a full bicep adjustment. I couldn't believe that the top that was supposed to be a size 18 or so supposed to fit after doing the full bust adjustment had a sleeve circumference more than two inches less than a shirt that fits me well.
Well after all these changes I didn't really have enough fabric. I think the arms might be cut upside down but it doesn't feel like there's a lot of nap and the image seems to be symmetric. Also the point is incompletely pointy on the end of the overlapping top pieces. I was sure I would have to do something different with the armhole but that actually works just fine because of the way I did the full bicep adjustment.

The fabric is super soft and thin and very nice it's probably a rayon actually instead of a cotton. It would have been much easier in a thicker less stretchy fabric. It should be very comfortable to wear though. I'll have to post a picture of it on I wonder if I should have done more swayback type adjustment.

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