Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Window cleaning

I don't like washing windows any lore than the next person. A set of cleaning/dusting tools with an extension pole also had a squeegee and window washing end so I finally set out to wash the windows. Being a thrifty type I figured I could make the cleaner - or really mix from supplies. I read of mixes with ammonia, dishwashing liquid, corn starch, vinegar...so what in what quantity? I found something acceptable on my first try so I'm not going to do a scientific study:
1/2 C ammonia
2 C 70 percent rubbing alcohol 
1t liquid dishwashing detergent. 
Add enough water to make one gallon

I made a quarter batch in a qt measuring cup then poured into. 13x9 Pyrex for use. None of my buckets are big enough. 

This recipe is from http://lancaster.unl.edu/home/articles/2003/windowcleaning.shtml

Only issues were drippy washy thingy and being diligent in wiping edge of squeegee. 

Windows are sparkly!

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