Sunday, January 4, 2015

Amazingly quick burger buns

Still recovering from this horrible flu like thing and had to come up with something for dinner. I had formed turkey burgers and put them in the freezer but they needed to be repacked. Made sense to eat them. But no buns. Maybe bread? No, finished off the soft white KAF pain de mie at lunch. 

My go to for burger buns is Moomies from KAF but I looked into the bread machine and then lost a bunch of time googling to see about a new pan since the axle is frozen up in that one... And my stand mixer bowl was in the washer and tick tick tick...,
So I looked for a fast recipe and found this one: 
40 minutes ? Yeah right. 

I followed the instructions and just kneaded and added flour until it seemed right ( no idea timing) and then baked. Voila !

My daughter made her own little bun

And with a quarter pound burger on one for scale :
To address commenters concerns:
1. Yes tablespoons of yeast
2.  Agree did warm egg by letting sit whole in a glass of warm tap water while proofing yeast
3.  Not slider buns - I made 12 big ones
4.  Don't use this if you do have time- doesn't develop the flavors and isn't as good. 
5.  Roll in balls then smoosh down with palm. 

Not quite as light and fluffy as I'd like but wow for 40 minutes. 

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