Thursday, March 26, 2015

Knit dress for summer

Had the itch to make something and Ms. 3 loves her cotton dresses. Looked around online and found this: and her instructions for sewing knits. I was skeptical and if I had money I woul have used the excuse to get a serger. Alas. 

A bunch I people say it's fine to use zigzag on a regular machine but the pictures never show a finished garment with zigzags. 

Here's mine. She hasn't tried it on yet. 
This is from a 3xl tshirt from Walmart. $4.58 and I've got a bunch left. I had hoped it would cost $3.78 but that's only smaller sizes. 
Issues: cut off right below pits and that didn't leave enough fabric for the top. So it's shorter and sewn up the middle of the back. 
Also I wanted to reuse the hem which was probably a good idea. 
Cutting with a mat and roller worked so much better than expected. It seems like it will roll though.  

We have a few 3xlt tshirts that are now too big for my husband. They're pretty sober colors. 

Here's the stitching. 
I forgot- the 1" strips for the binding is too narrow. Should be at least 2" and more would probably be fine. 

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