Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Knit shirt for Mr. 3

Wanted to make something for him as he's always been so interested in Ms. 3's stuff. He picked out the fabric but now I think it looks like pajamas :(
Several problems here. First, I was sure a half yard would be enough. Alas, the pattern is directional and it turns out his 5T tshirt I traced was maybe 2.5" longer than my fabric. 

Second, I should have bought something for ribbing. I have an old red tshirt but it's faded. 

Third, I just couldn't get the double needle to work right. 
Maybe here it was because of the differences in thicknesses. 

I found setting the tension to 5 worked the best. I think next time I'll do the neck like I did for th one hour pajamas or just zigzag. 

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