Sunday, May 24, 2015

Toy storage

The kids are at the point when a lot of their toys are sets or come with lots of parts. We have a big toy box but stuff gets lost in there. 

I tried this clear box but it doesn't work well

And it doesn't work well with the toy box

I wanted draw string bags but they had to be see through or the kids wouldn't be able to find their toys. One crafty mom sewed in clear plastic but I didn't like that idea. 

I decided on nylon mesh bags but I wanted various sizes. Some were like $3.50-$8 a piece. And some were too fine a mesh. Finally at Walmart I found these for a dollar
Later I found heavier mesh for like $3.50 a yard at Joann's. These are pretty flimsy. I can't imagine successfully hauling a load of jeans in them. 

I cut one a third in length and then narrowed by a few inches. Sewing concerned me so I bound in bias tape made from denim left over from Ms 3's jumper. This first reused the cord. I think I'd also use the denim (or poplin or whatever) for the channel but I don't know what to use for cord yet. 

I'll try to update with how they are accepted and hold up. I'm thinking that for the effort I should have started with better quality bags. We'll see!

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