Friday, January 15, 2016

Doll clothes 18"

Things are even tighter money wise and I had to come up with Christmas gifts and the two birthday gifts in short order. The two birthdays were little girls with dolls.

For the 3 year old it was a 12" doll and I made yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and a dress. I'll have to ask for pictures since I was in too big of a rush. 

For the 11 year old, 18" doll. If you look around there are a million patterns but I couldn't figure out if the ones scanned were printing the right scale. I ended up with pants (have to look up source), and skirts and tops from
The red is part of an old shirt of mine, the blue is part of the leftovers from the one in our pajamas, the gray is out of the rag, pile the zebra is out left from a skirt for Miss three, denim is left from her jumper and the yellow is from an old dress I made ages ago. The logo on the gray was originally where a pocket would normally be. After making the yoga pants from the same shirt, there was no other non-printed area so I just made it work. Looks nice and casual for when the doll wants to relax at home.

So lots of gifts for no additional cost. 

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