Friday, July 17, 2015

Après swim ponchos for Mr and Ms 3

They're often cold after swimming even on a hot day. I wrap them in a beach towel but it always falls down and trips them. Or prevents them from holding my hand. 

I looked around and found this sensible solution:

It's not that much sewing , it uses bath towels which are thicker and cheaper (so sad I couldn't go to Costco to get even cheaper), and looks like they won't grow out of it as fast as something more fitted. 

Changes: snaps on the sides, a kangaroo pocket, and a single layer hood. 

I traced a hoodie and added some depth to the hood. I just doubled the pocket. 

Ms 3 likes hers ok. We'll see about Mr3. He's into me making him into a burrito so tightly wrapped that he can't move his arms. 

The kids picked out the colors. These are from target - 3 total of their mid line and there's almost half a towel left over. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hawaiian bowling? Shirt for the boy

Well I don't take very good pictures but there it is. 

There aren't very many patterns for boys. I am thinking about making something from the sewing for boys book but I found this in Joann's when they had a big sale
The pants are too baggy but it's a thing I guess. 

This was pretty easy but I need to check something with the collar-I'm not sure it lays completely flat. 

Seems like it should have more buttons. Also, I should have paid attention to the pattern in the front so you don't have double half monsters. 

If he wears it, I'll make another.