Thursday, October 30, 2014

Homemade Ritz/Town House

The kids and I made the very easy very good fake Ritz crackers. Recipe at:    If I haven't mentioned before I'm furious at the major cracker companies for shrinking their boxes. I refuse to buy 13.3 oz boxes   

I made crackers before but they were like saltines so not worth the effort. This took 9T of butter! I think I could have used one fewer for the tops. They required more time in the oven than the recipe said. The dough was very light and fluffy - it required less water. It was sort of like biscuit stuff not like pie dough or pizza dough that I make in the food processor. 

I highly recommend. Kids can help cut and poke holes. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Confused hummus

Wow- that sucks - just lost this draft. Been looking for snacks for Mr. and Ms. 2 that have protein. I used Alton Browns recipe ( completely startling at dried chickpeas. 
First, written instructions were different from video. Second I had enough chickpeas to completely fill my 11C food processor. We didn't watch the video until too late - his was only 2/3full. So even after adding extra water, oil, and tahini, still dry. But both liked it so I guess we're cool. Next time I'll reserve some for another use. Recipe yielded like 6C for me. (3 of these- kids did eat most of that!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Window cleaning

I don't like washing windows any lore than the next person. A set of cleaning/dusting tools with an extension pole also had a squeegee and window washing end so I finally set out to wash the windows. Being a thrifty type I figured I could make the cleaner - or really mix from supplies. I read of mixes with ammonia, dishwashing liquid, corn starch, what in what quantity? I found something acceptable on my first try so I'm not going to do a scientific study:
1/2 C ammonia
2 C 70 percent rubbing alcohol 
1t liquid dishwashing detergent. 
Add enough water to make one gallon

I made a quarter batch in a qt measuring cup then poured into. 13x9 Pyrex for use. None of my buckets are big enough. 

This recipe is from

Only issues were drippy washy thingy and being diligent in wiping edge of squeegee. 

Windows are sparkly!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome - first post

Hello world! This blog is for things I do around the house that are not knitting (see Christina's knitting and ravelry when I finally get a chance to cast on again). I'm thinking recipes, sewing stuff, odds and ends. Mostly for my own knowledge management but comments are welcome.