Friday, May 26, 2017

Leftover pot roast empanadas

I had maybe 3/4 pound pot roast left over from when I made it Sunday and maybe 1/2 pound left over from when my Mother in Law made it on Tuesday (we often end up making the same things).  We really didn't want any more pot roast. So I googled for ideas and came up with empanadas.

The dough was this one: . Her instructions were very clear and very helpful.

The filling was based on this: but with changes based on what I had.

Shred/chop pot roast, set aside

saute 1 onion (chopped), 3 cloves garlic (minced), 2T tomato paste, 2t cumin, 2t chili powder, shake of cayenne, 1t oregano, salt, black pepper, red bell pepper chopped
(I did mean to put in the vinegar but I guess I forgot).

Turned out beautifully, but baked a lot longer than expected and still didn't get as dark as hers.

Christmas (2016) Bed Caddy

What do you get old dudes that have everything?
It's a bed caddy. You put the shelf liner part under the mattress and that holds it, and then the front are magazine pockets and smaller pockets. It was made with 2 fat quarters for the red and zebra (fabrics picked by the children). The back was white poplin I had sitting around. It's quilted and the batting is just white fleece I got on remnants and I had sitting around. The binding was a skirt I made years ago ripped apart.

I fused the pocket fabric to more of the liner fabric so hopefully it will be more durable.

This is my father in law's. My dad's had a special flashlight holder which was a fabric covered elastic loop.

So how did they go over? Horribly. My dad said he didn't need it and maybe I should just take it back with me. My father in law didn't get it at all.

I thought it was cool.

Raincoats for Mr and Ms 4

I don't know why this wasn't here already. The post was here, but the content was gone. These used a Kwic Sew pattern. His was out of this nylon with a fused plastic lining that was on the $3/yd pile at G Street. Comfortable to wear but not completely water proof. Her's is costume vinyl.  I bagged his but didn't hers which was a mistake. The lining is flannel in the body and hood but nylon in the sleeves so they can get them off and on.  They really weren't that hard to make. The snaps don't all snap as well as they should though :(