Saturday, August 22, 2015

Trying another approach to training pants

Mr 3 has no desire to use the potty. When he craps his pants he doesn't even  want to get cleaned up. Sigh. 

Lots of people reassure me that boys are sometimes like this and they'll get it eventually. A co-worker say her son got it when they just put him in underpants anyway. I did that last weekend and the crap was horrible to clean up. 

I made training pants with PUL but they're too bulky and too small. 
This picture is a year old but you see:
What to do?
So I sewed some PUL and a cheap cloth diaper into his big boy underwear. Idk. I hope they'll feel wet and he'll want to keep them nice. I'm not too hopeful. 

The pictures are what they are. My phone just doesn't focus like it did before recent updates and the house is what it is.