Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Knit shirt for Mr. 3

Wanted to make something for him as he's always been so interested in Ms. 3's stuff. He picked out the fabric but now I think it looks like pajamas :(
Several problems here. First, I was sure a half yard would be enough. Alas, the pattern is directional and it turns out his 5T tshirt I traced was maybe 2.5" longer than my fabric. 

Second, I should have bought something for ribbing. I have an old red tshirt but it's faded. 

Third, I just couldn't get the double needle to work right. 
Maybe here it was because of the differences in thicknesses. 

I found setting the tension to 5 worked the best. I think next time I'll do the neck like I did for th one hour pajamas or just zigzag. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Toy storage

The kids are at the point when a lot of their toys are sets or come with lots of parts. We have a big toy box but stuff gets lost in there. 

I tried this clear box but it doesn't work well

And it doesn't work well with the toy box

I wanted draw string bags but they had to be see through or the kids wouldn't be able to find their toys. One crafty mom sewed in clear plastic but I didn't like that idea. 

I decided on nylon mesh bags but I wanted various sizes. Some were like $3.50-$8 a piece. And some were too fine a mesh. Finally at Walmart I found these for a dollar
Later I found heavier mesh for like $3.50 a yard at Joann's. These are pretty flimsy. I can't imagine successfully hauling a load of jeans in them. 

I cut one a third in length and then narrowed by a few inches. Sewing concerned me so I bound in bias tape made from denim left over from Ms 3's jumper. This first reused the cord. I think I'd also use the denim (or poplin or whatever) for the channel but I don't know what to use for cord yet. 

I'll try to update with how they are accepted and hold up. I'm thinking that for the effort I should have started with better quality bags. We'll see!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cotton Pique Dress and Shorts for Ms. 2

Got this pattern for $1.66 (-20%, I think) at Joann's at one of their big sales. This is a fairly generic pattern that makes several nice tops, tunics, dresses, shorts, and cropped leggings for little girls. The pattern was kind of screwed up because it acted like you could just stitch like you would with woven fabric. Luckily, I learned from making the pink dress.

I had some fabric from G Street's remnant table that was $3/yard. It's very stretchy, and rolls, and was somewhat difficult to deal with.

I made these changes to the pattern instructions: 
I used zigzag stitch and my machine's stretch stitch
I used a strip of interfacing for the shoulder (didn't notice the notion when I was at the store
I used a double needle for the shorts, but I regret it. It is not as stretchy as the stretch stitch.
I'm worried about the durability of the pockets and the fabric around them. I considered using interfacing but didn't
I pulled out and re-did the neck - cut 1/2" in from the original line and then used 2" casing ~18" long.It's very stretchy and looks good.